"CleanShift Blogger Template" is another custom color blogger template. It has a cool 3d shape and design.

Clean Shift Blogger Template has a unique widgets for the Subscribe form and Address area on a ribbon in the footer section.

On CleanShift Template, tables inside post area are enhanced to look professional. It has a unique post thumbnail for photos and it has a default thumbnail for posts without featured images. Lets say you've some posts with no images, the default thumbnails will replace them with 'no image available' thumbnail.

You can download CleanShift blogger theme for free and enjoy it's fast loading and SEO optimized features.

Features Of CleanShift Blogger Template

  1. Custom Color Theme
  2. Featured post area
  3. Youtube Video Responsive
  4. 6 Posts on Related Post
  5. Recent Post Widget
  6. Contact us form
  7. Twitter last post
  8. Send to Email button
  9. Whatsapp share
  10. 3 column footer
  11. Author widget


"CleanShift Blogger Template Free Download" is one of the best blogging template 2020 you must test out. There are free and premium version of CleanShift blogger template but this post covers only the aspect of the free version.

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